Audio Video Distribution

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Channel Vision A-Kit 1
Multi-Room Audio Kit. Channel Vision’s A-Kit 1 Multi-Room Audio Kit is a force to be reckoned wit..
Channel Vision A-Kit 2
Multi-Room Audio Kit. Channel Vision’s A-Kit 2 – Multi-Room Audio Kit is a Complete Audio Package..
Channel Vision A0125
Volume Control For Crescendo. The A0125 is a volume control keypad for Channel Vision’s single-so..
Channel Vision A0127
Volume Control For Aria. Keypad controller for use with the A4603, A4623, WA-350, and A0350. F..
Channel Vision A0129
Keypad Controller For Single Room Systems. Channel Vision’s Keypad Controller is for single room ..
Channel Vision A0240
80 Watt Surface Mount Class D Amplifier. Channel Vision’s Crescendo High Powered CAT5 Audio syste..
Channel Vision A0301
CAT5 Audio Local Source Input Module. The A0301 is a universal input module for Channel Vision’s ..
Channel Vision A0302
Audio Connection for Crescendo. Channel Vision’s is designed to convert speaker audio to line lev..
Channel Vision A0350
100 Watt Flush Mount Amplifier. The A0350 flush mount amplifier can be used with Channel Vision’s..
Channel Vision A0505
Audio & Video System Remote Control. The A0505 allows you to operate many of Channel Vision’s..
Channel Vision A0914
Crescendo 4 Source 4 Zone Kit. Channel Vision’s Crescendo Room Kit includes the essentials for a ..
Channel Vision A0915
iBus On-Wall Docking Station Single Room Kit. Simplify your installation with the A0915 – iBus On..
Channel Vision A1260
12 Channel Multi-Zone Amplifier. The A1260 (and the A1260R rack-mountable version) provide instal..
Channel Vision A4603
4 Input 6 Zone Matrix AV Controller. Channel Vision’s is a 4-Input 6-Zone Matrix A/V Controller w..
Channel Vision A4623
4 input 6 Zone Amplified A/V Controller. Channel Vision’s is a 4-Input, 6-Zone Amplified A/V Syst..
Channel Vision AB-134
A-BUS Multi Source Amplified Keypad. The AB-134 is Channel Vision’s next generation class D A-BUS..
Channel Vision AB-301
A-BUS Local Source Module. The AB-301 A-BUS Local Source Module is a Universal input module desig..
Channel Vision AB-303
A-Bus Bluetooth Local Input Module. The AB-303 A-BUS Bluetooth local input module provides a loca..
Channel Vision AB-315
A-BUS iPod On-Wall Docking Station. Channel Vision’s AB-315 is an A-BUS iPod On-Wall Docking Stat..
Channel Vision AB-404
A-BUS Distribution Panel Module. Channel Vision’s A-BUS Distribution Panel Module. Use 1 unit for..