AC Power Distribution

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Furman D10-PFP
Furman Power Distributor. The D10-PFP is a sturdy, rack-mountable power distributor. Featuring 10..
Furman PlugLock-PFP
Furman Circuit-Breaker Protected Locking Outlet Strip. The PLUGLOCK-PFP circuit-breaker protected..
Furman VT-EXT
Furman Equipment Rack Power Distribution. The VT-EXT is an 8 outlet power strip designed specific..
Middle Atlantic PDS-1615R
Middle Atlantic 16 Outlet 15A Multi-Mount Power, 3-Step Sequencing The Middle Atlantic PDS-16..
Middle Atlantic PDS-1620R-NS
Middle Atlantic 16 Outlet 20A Multi-Mount Power, 3-Step Sequencing. The Middle Atlantic PDS-1620R..
Middle Atlantic PDS-615R
Middle Atlantic 6 Outlet 15A Rackmount Power, 6-Step Sequencing. The Middle Atlantic PDS-615R Rac..
Middle Atlantic PDS-620R
Middle Atlantic 6 Outlet 20A Rackmount Power, 6-Step Sequencing. This PDS-620R 20-Amp Power Seque..